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4 Tips to Pass On to Visitors of a Loved One with Dementia

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If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, it can make visitors reluctant to drop by or they may not be sure how to interact with your loved one. These tips can make a huge difference forHome-Care-in-Stuart-FL them.

Don’t Take Statements Personally

Sometimes loved ones with dementia say things that aren’t pleasant or they say things in a way that is a little bit painful to hear. The best way to deal with this is to remember that none of what your loved one is saying should be taken personally. It can take a little bit of practice to adopt this attitude, so it’s best to warn visitors before they arrive. As they spend more time with your loved one, it might be easier to handle.

Being There Is Sometimes Enough

Visitors often wonder what to say to your loved one or exactly what to do with her that will be right or correct. The truth is that their visit doesn’t have to be filled with conversation or with activity in order for it to be a success. Sometimes just being there is more than enough, both for them and for your loved one. They may want to watch a television show or a movie together or even simply sit quietly together. All of that is okay.

Sometimes You Have to Connect in New Ways

Dementia can change how your loved one perceives the world around her and it can even change some of her preferences. She may not like the same music that she used to enjoy or she may have different hobbies than she had before. This can be difficult for some of her visitors to understand, but they may need to find new ways to make a connection with her. Practice and more than one or two visits can help them to find a way through.

Long Visits May Not Be as Rewarding

Your loved one may have a shorter attention span now or she might simply get tired more quickly. For those reasons, shorter visits may be more beneficial for everyone involved than longer visits. This can be good news to some visitors who aren’t sure what to say or to do with your loved one, so they worry that they shouldn’t even visit. Remind them that even a quick visit can benefit everyone.

Your loved one’s home care providers may have some additional tips to offer that are more specific to your loved one’s exact situation.

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