How to Use Prompts to Help You Journal

Caregiver in Tequesta FL Journaling is a wonderful way for a family caregiver to work through her feelings, but it can be intimidating. Staring at that blank page can make you halt in your tracks. Using prompts, on the other hand, can give you a wealth of writing material.Start with Your JournalIf you don't already have a journal, it's really easy to start one. You don't need anything fan...
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Is Your Elderly Loved One Flexible?

Elderly Care in Stuart FL
Elderly Care in Stuart FL If your elderly loved one is having issues with her flexibility, you may need to help her develop a program to remedy that. Being flexible can help your loved one to be more mobile and to avoid injury, so it's an important factor of her continuing health.Talk with Her DoctorBefore doing anything, it's really important to take your loved one to see her doctor. He ...
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Rhubarb – A Healthy Summer Treat

Home Care in Palm Beach Gardens FL It is easy to forget that rhubarb is actually a vegetable since it is often served alongside fruits and berries in pies, crisps, and crumbles.  But, the fact is, rhubarb is indeed a vegetable, and a very healthy one, at that!  Rhubarb is an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, vitamin A, B vitamins, and vitamin K, which are all essential for an elderly adult’s ...
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Best Hotel Features for Traveling with a Senior

Senior Care in Tequesta FL Simply because your parent is getting older does not mean that they are not able to enjoy the fun and excitement of going on a summer vacation. Even elderly adults who are dealing with challenges and limitations can still gain the benefits of traveling along with you or with the help of a senior care provider. When planning your parent's vacation one of the most importa...
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Does Your Parent Need a New Eyeglass Prescription?

Elder Care in Jupiter FL One of the most common issues of later life is low vision. Seniors often lose their vision gradually, making it so that they do not even notice that they are not seeing as well. This, however, does not mean that their body is not trying to compensate for the greater difficulty seeing. A senior may strain to see, which puts even more stress on the eyes and further reduces ...
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4 Ways to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Family Caregiving

Caregiver in Hobe Sound FL Helping your elderly loved one is emotionally rewarding but it can also serve you up quite a bit of emotional stress. Learning how to cope with that stress is key to maintaining yourself and your elderly loved one, even during difficult times.Take the Time to Sort Out Your EmotionsCaregiving is going to inspire a wide range of emotions in you and it's important ...
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