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4 Tips for Helping Your Loved One Check His Blood Pressure at Home

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The American Heart Association recommends that your loved one test his blood pressure at home if he has issues with elevated blood pressure. Testing at home can help you to spot trends in Caregiver-in-Palm-Beach-Gardens-FLbetween visits to the doctor and can alert your loved one’s doctor to important information, too. Here are some ways that you can make the tests as accurate as possible.

Some Factors Are Going to Have Your Loved One’s Pressure Up

You probably already know some of the triggers that can raise your loved one’s blood pressure, but it’s important to make note of as many as possible. If your loved one smokes or ingests a lot of caffeine, blood pressure monitoring can be a little tricky. Try to test in between cigarettes or cups of coffee for the best results. If the room is cold or your loved one is stressed, that can also affect the test results. Avoid testing right after your loved one exercises, too, because that can give you inaccurate results.

Find a Quiet Spot

When you’re ready to test, find a quiet spot where your loved one can get situated. The optimal location is in a chair, but a sofa or bed can also work. Your loved one should be able to rest his arm at heart level and he should be able to sit up straight and place his feet on the floor without crossing his legs or ankles. Positioning is important so that you can get accurate readings.

Make Sure Your Loved One Is Comfortable

You need to find the right spot for a testing session, of course, but that’s only part of the equation. Your loved one needs to be comfortable, too. Make sure that the room’s temperature is mild and that your loved one isn’t wearing restrictive clothing during the test. It’s also a good idea for your loved one to visit the restroom before testing, especially since most digital monitors perform several tests in a row to make sure that the results are accurate.

Keep Records of the Numbers

Your loved one’s doctor will let you know how often and when you should be testing his blood pressure. He’ll also give you guidelines for what are “good” and “bad” numbers so that you have an idea. After each test, make sure that you jot down the date, the time, and the results of the test. It’s also helpful if you note down anything else that might be important later, such as that your loved one had a headache. Then make sure that you take the logbook with you to your loved one’s doctor’s appointments.

Testing your loved one’s blood pressure at home is a key part of keeping his blood pressure numbers under control.

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