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Safeguarding Loved Ones Around Your Family Pool this Summer

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A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have at the home during the hot months of the summer and a fantastic way for your parent and their elder care provider to enjoy more physical activity Elder-Care-in-North-Palm-Beach-FLwithout overheating or going too far from the house. Any time that there is water, however, there is the risk of drowning. It is estimated that more than 1 million people each year throughout the world drown. While approximately half of these are children, adults over the age of 60 are a rapidly growing statistic. Seniors tend to be at an elevated risk of drowning because they may not have learned to swim, are less prepared to handle emergency situations, and may not have the physical or cognitive capability of reacting properly when in a potential drowning situation.

June is National Safety Month. This is the perfect opportunity for you to ensure that your aging loved one and the rest of your family is safe around the family pool this summer. Use these tips to help keep your parent safe while also enjoying the cool recreation and physical activity of the pool:

  • Set up a pool boundary. The most effective means of protecting your loved ones around the family pool is establishing a boundary. A fence or retention wall keeps a senior with cognitive limitations from getting close to the water without proper supervision. If establishing a boundary is not an option, be sure that there is a secure lock on the door leading from house to the pool. Adding an alarm will provide an alert if someone goes through the door.
  • Add a pool alarm. Door alarms are not the only option when it comes to protecting your parent. There are also alarms available that alert if the surface of the water is broken. This means that if anyone tries to get into the water or falls in, the alarm will go off.
  • Add lights. Dangerous falls can happen even if your parent is not dealing with any type of cognitive limitation or other challenge. Adding underwater lights can provide valuable illumination that helps your parent determine the parameters of the pool during the evening hours.
  • Provide flotation devices. Swimming devices are not just for children. Adults can benefit from flotation jackets, tubes, and other devices as well. These will help your parent to feel more confident around the water and enable you and your parent’s elderly health care services provider to bring your parent into the water for exercise with more peace of mind.
  • Have proper supervision. The pool is a great center for multigenerational care. Your children, your elderly parent, and you and your partner can have fun, get active, and make memories together. You might worry, however, about your parent and children if they are all in the water at the same time. Having an elderly health care services provider available when your family is enjoying the pool can ensure that your parent gets the supervision and attention that they need so that you are able to care for your children and still feel confident your parent is enjoying themselves and getting the benefits of time in the pool.


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