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Caring for a Loved One After a Fall

Elder Care in Stuart FL

Elder Care in Stuart FLFalls can be a scary experience for both elderly adults and the caregivers that take care of them. Elderly adults are at a high risk for falls due to certain medications, chronic medical conditions, and weakening bones and muscles. In addition, they are at a high risk for more serious injuries because of falls such as broken bones and fractures. In many cases, these injuries require time and therapy to heal properly. When an elderly adult experiences a fall, they are likely to go through a period of both mental and physical recovery. Caregiver and home care aides can help the elderly adult under their care to have a positive and healthy recovery in many ways. Here are just a few tips for caring for an elderly loved one after they have experienced a fall.

Prevent Future Falls
One way to make your elderly loved one feel more safe and secure as they are recovering from a fall is to rid their home of any fall hazards. This may include removing loose rugs on the floor, removing clutter, or moving furniture that is inconveniently placed. It is also a great idea to install grab bars in the bathroom to help your loved one feel more confident when bathing or using the bathroom.

Be Understanding
Falling can be a traumatic experience for your loved one. For this reason, it is important for you to be understanding of their feelings as they recover. Be open to listening to their concerns and fears and make sure to empathize with their feelings. If you feel that their negative feelings have become excessive or have begun to spiral out of control, it is important for you to seek help for your loved one as they may be experiencing depression or anxiety, which is not uncommon after a fall.

Build Their Confidence
After a fall, your loved one may feel scared to do they activities they once enjoyed or even normal daily activities around the house for fear that they may fall again. As you assist them with their recovery by helping them with physical therapy exercises and strengthening, make sure to help them feel confident in their recovery and abilities. When they meet a goal, celebrate their success and assure them that you will always be there to help when they need you to.

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