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Keeping Home Care Active during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

Home Care in Tequesta FL

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. While it is unlikely if you are in a home care relationship with your aging parent that that parent will be able to engage in intense sports Home-Care-in-Tequesta-FLactivities, this does not mean that they cannot enjoy some of the aspects of their favorite sports as well as other physical activities to keep them active, engaged, and feeling their best.


Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you can make your home care more active during National Physical Fitness and Sports Month:

  • Go bowling. Bowling is a fantastic option for seniors who love the thrill of competition and engaging in games with others, but who may have physical limitations that keep them from being able to play the sports that they loved when they were younger. Bowling is accessible for nearly all people and can be easily modified to address challenges and limitations. It is also an inexpensive way to spend an afternoon with the entire family or with friends. If your parent particularly enjoys the game, look into a senior-specific league. This not only lets your parent play more often, but it also gives them more social interaction which is vital for good mental and emotional health.
  • Try smaller versions. Even if your loved one cannot get out and play the full games that they used to does not mean that they cannot enjoy any aspects of their favorite sport or activity. Look for smaller versions of these favorite games so that your parent can still have fun and gain the physical benefits of them. For example, if your parent loved baseball when they were younger, try bringing them to a batting cage to hit a few balls or play a game of catch with them and your children. A golfer might like visiting a driving range or playing miniature golf. A swimmer might enjoy water aerobics. Look for activities that work the body and stimulate the mind while also being reminiscent of favorite sports from when they were younger.
  • Play video games. Spending an afternoon playing video games may seem like the antithesis of getting active, but contemporary video game technology actually makes it possible for your parent to get active while staying indoors and playing one of these games. Many video game systems offer games that use your body’s movements to control the player and the game. Some of the most popular versions of these games are sports related. Your parent can mimic bowling, golfing, playing baseball, doing archery, swimming, and any number of other activities while staying comfortable and safe in the home.
  • Get out and watch. Being active does not always mean having to actually participate in a sport. Social interaction, mental stimulation, and new experiences are all important to health and wellbeing as well. Find a local sporting event and plan a day out with your loved one. Not only will this make memories that you will cherish, but the actual act of walking around, finding your seats, and cheering on the team gives some physical benefits as well.


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