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4 Tips for Helping Your Elderly Loved One to Live with Arthritis

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Elder Care in Fort Pierce, FLA diagnosis of arthritis doesn’t have to be bad news for your elderly loved one. In its most positive form, it can be an answer for why she has some of the aches and pains that she has. If you’re looking for ways that you can help your loved one to deal with her arthritis, these tips can help.

Help Her to Stay Positive
Arthritis isn’t something that your loved one is able to predict at all. She’ll have good days and bad days, without being able to tell which is headed up next. It’s really important that she’s able to stay positive about her experiences with arthritis so that she can channel that energy into taking advantage of the good days and gearing up for the not so good days.

Follow the Treatment Plan
Your loved one’s doctor will set up a treatment plan for her, and it’s important that she follows it as closely as possible. She may need to modify her diet, add exercise to her daily routine, or even start taking medications. It’s important that everyone who helps your loved one, from other family members to home care providers, know what your loved one needs to be doing in order to feel her best.

Set Some Realistic Goals
If your loved one hasn’t been very physically active, then jumping up and walking a mile a day is not going to happen right out of the gate. You have to set some realistic goals for your elderly loved one and help her to meet them so that you can continue to set additional goals. On her bad days, your loved one’s biggest goal might be to take her medications and try to do a bit of gentle stretching. On good days, she may be able to manage a walk as long as a couple of blocks.

Help Her to Stay Active and to Protect Her Joints
Speaking of being active, your loved one needs to stay as active as possible in order to keep her joints healthy. She does need to protect her joints while she’s at it, though. One way to do this is to choose low impact exercises rather than high impact ones. Water aerobics is a much better choice than traditional aerobics, for example. She also needs to rest when she feels that it’s necessary to avoid overdoing it and injuring herself.

Your loved one can still live a happy and fulfilled life with arthritis, especially if she’s able to keep doing most of the things that she enjoys.

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