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4 Ways to Deal with the Emotional Stress of Family Caregiving

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Helping your elderly loved one is emotionally rewarding but it can also serve you up quite a bit of emotional stress. Learning how to cope with that stress is key to maintaining yourself and your Caregiver-in-Hobe-Sound-FLelderly loved one, even during difficult times.

Take the Time to Sort Out Your Emotions

Caregiving is going to inspire a wide range of emotions in you and it’s important to deal with them in a healthy manner. If you don’t, and you wind up stuffing them or ignoring them, you’ll end up hitting a wall eventually. Find a friend whom you trust that you can share your feelings with or find a counselor or therapist to talk to. You’ll need help to get through some of the tougher emotional situations and you’ll be glad that you’re not letting yourself get bogged down.

Make Sure that You Spend Time Relaxing

You’re probably really busy as a family caregiver, but it’s essential that you spend some time doing just what you need and want to do in order to relax. You have to have down time or you’re going to find yourself resenting caregiving. Make it a regular habit to figure out what you consider relaxing and then work that into your schedule as often as possible.

Do What You Can to Stay Positive

Sometimes staying positive is really hard work. You might have to work harder than you think in order to keep your positive attitude going. You might try a combination of techniques, such as meditation, therapy, and even visualization. Whatever works is something that you need to keep in your caregiving tool kit.

Say No When You Need To

The reality of the situation is that you just can’t do everything that people ask of you. There are going to be times, even for your elderly loved one, that you have to say no, and that’s okay. Try to ask for additional help when you’re forced to say no to certain things and above all, don’t feel guilty for saying no because you have to care for yourself first.

Emotional stress and strain is a huge part of caregiving and it can overwhelm you quickly if you don’t have a plan in place to combat it.


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