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How to Use Prompts to Help You Journal

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Journaling is a wonderful way for a family caregiver to work through her feelings, but it can be intimidating. Staring at that blank page can make you halt in your tracks. Using prompts, on the Caregiver-in-Tequesta-FLother hand, can give you a wealth of writing material.

Start with Your Journal

If you don’t already have a journal, it’s really easy to start one. You don’t need anything fancy. You can journal on your computer or your smartphone if that is more comfortable for you. Otherwise all you need is a notebook or even just a piece of paper. Topics can be difficult, so that is where prompts come in.

Make a List of Prompts that You Like

Writing prompts are the beginning of a sentence or even just a concept that give you a jumping-off point for you to start your journal entry. Prompts work because you simply start writing and often wind up writing something you didn’t expect to write. You can find journaling prompts by doing an Internet search or you can spend some time thinking up your own. Some prompts that you might want to try include:

  • Today I feel…
  • I love you, but…
  • If I were to be honest, …
  • I want…
  • I need…

These prompts work well because they give your subconscious something to chew on while you write.

Choose a Prompt and Write the First Part Again

Once you have a list of prompts, you’re ready any time you want to journal. Read over your list of prompts and choose one that speaks to you at that point. Don’t overthink your prompt or second guess yourself once you choose a prompt. Go to a fresh journal page, rewrite the prompt and continue the sentence. Once you finish that first sentence, keep on going.

Don’t Judge Yourself as You Write

It’s really important to note that you shouldn’t be editing yourself while you write or judging yourself, either. Let your feelings flow out and don’t worry about what someone else would think or what you should be saying. This journal is for you alone, so you don’t have to make it perfect in any way. If you like, you can go back later and read your journal entries. Doing this regularly can help you to spot patterns in how you’re feeling and it can help you to solve problems.

As you become more used to writing with prompts you may find yourself adding to your list or even picking the same prompt regularly. Both are perfectly fine for you to do.

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