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Does Your Parent Need a New Eyeglass Prescription?

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One of the most common issues of later life is low vision. Seniors often lose their vision gradually, making it so that they do not even notice that they are not seeing as well. This, however, does not Elder-Care-in-Jupiter-FLmean that their body is not trying to compensate for the greater difficulty seeing. A senior may strain to see, which puts even more stress on the eyes and further reduces vision. One of the most important things that you can do to help your parent enjoy better vision now and protect it into the future is making sure that their eyeglass prescription is up to date. Many people become so accustomed to their glasses that they barely notice that they are struggling to see, which means that they might not mention it to you. Paying close attention to how they are behaving can help you to notice when your parent may be struggling with lower vision and need a new eyeglass prescription.


Some things to keep your eye out for when determining if your aging parent may need a new eyeglass prescription include:

  • Squinting. Squinting is like bending your legs to give you more power when lifting something. The act of squinting tightens the muscles at the back of the eye, sharpening what you are seeing. It is a common form of compensation for vision loss. It can also lead to headaches, eye fatigue, wrinkles, and other issues.
  • More frequent headaches. Is your parent complaining of more frequent headaches? Have you noticed them taking over the counter pain medications more often? Eye strain caused by an inaccurate eye prescription can cause headaches, especially if your parent frequently participates in activities that require focus, such as reading or small crafts, or that strain the eyes, such as using the computer or watching television.
  • Difficulty cleaning the lenses. Most prescription lenses have coatings that help them to function better. These can include UV blocking, anti-glare, and anti-scratching coatings. These improve the performance of the glasses and protect your parent’s eyes from strain. Over time these coatings can begin to deteriorate. This will cause them to break down, creating a residue on the lenses that is extremely difficult to clean.
  • Less participation in favorite activities. Is your parent an avid reader or loves a certain television show but has not been enjoying these activities recently? Often seniors who are dealing with low vision avoid activities that require them to use their vision or that make them notice their reduction in visual acuity. This could be because they do not want to struggle, or because they are embarrassed and do not want anyone to notice that they are having difficulty.

If your parent is coping with low vision, an elder care provider can help them to maintain their independence and quality of life. With the help of this elderly home care services provider your parent can feel more confident taking on the tasks of their daily living.


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