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Preparing for a Safe, Healthy, and Enjoyable Road Trip with Your Loved One

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Spring and the impending summer months mean various different things to different people. One thing that comes to mind for many when the weather starts to warm up, however, is hitting the Home-Care-in-Port-St.-Lucie-FLroad for a vacation. Whether it is a long jaunt across several states or just a quick weekend getaway, a spring or summer road trip can be a fantastic opportunity to connect with your parent. This separation from your usual home care routine is a chance for you to make new memories, reminisce on old ones, and encourage mental and physical activity for your aging parent. This can create a meaningful experience that you will treasure and that will improve the quality of your relationship for the rest of your home care experience.


Proper preparation is essential to ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable road trip with your aging loved one. Even if you are well versed in taking these trips, it is important to remember that the needs of an elderly adult are different than those of younger people and you will need to keep them in mind. Use these tips to help you plan and prepare for your spring or summer road trip with your loved one:

  • Take your time. A trip with an aging adult is not the time to try to break your record for how quickly you can get to the beach house. Plan for a more leisurely pace that includes plenty of opportunities to stop, get out of the car, and take breaks. If you generally eat your meals while driving down the road, instead take the time to stop. Have a picnic at a rest stop or have fun choosing little roadside restaurants that can be part of the experience. If the trip is more than a few hours, consider breaking it into two parts and staying overnight halfway through.
  • Arrange comfortably. Make sure that you keep the comfort of your loved one in mind when arranging the vehicle. Try not to pack too much luggage or other items close to your parent. Make sure that she has enough space to move around a little and to have her own personal space. Avoid putting items beneath her feet as this can increase the chances of her developing a blood clot.
  • Have supplies on hand. Even though you are going to be traveling in a vehicle, think of your preparations in terms of flying. Make sure that your loved one has a well-packed and easily accessible “carry on”. This bag should contain items that will help her to stay comfortable and happy throughout the trip. This can include books, puzzles, a small craft, food, water, a small pillow, and an eye mask. Adding a change of clothing and basic toiletries to this bag also make it ideal for if you are going to spend the night halfway through the trip. This prevents you from having to unpack the entire vehicle to get what each person needs for the next day.


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