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Is Your Elderly Loved One Flexible?

Elderly Care in Stuart FL

Elderly Care in Stuart FLIf your elderly loved one is having issues with her flexibility, you may need to help her develop a program to remedy that. Being flexible can help your loved one to be more mobile and to avoid injury, so it’s an important factor of her continuing health.

Talk with Her Doctor

Before doing anything, it’s really important to take your loved one to see her doctor. He can examine her and determine if there is anything that is medically responsible for her lack of flexibility. He can also help you to determine a solution that will do the most good for your elderly loved one. If there are any restrictions on your loved one’s movement or activities, you can adapt the exercises to suit her needs.

Go with Gentle Stretching

Gently stretching is one of the easiest ways for your loved one to develop more flexibility. As her muscles and ligaments move and stretch over time, they become more limber and flexible. Stretching before bed, when she gets up, and before exercises or other physical activity is a great idea. You can also prompt your loved one to stretch during the commercial breaks of her favorite program, for example.

Try a Senior Yoga Class

Yoga isn’t just for the young and super flexible. It’s for everyone. There are plenty of yoga classes that are specifically designed for senior citizens to enjoy. Check out the schedules in your area and don’t worry about whether you can go with your loved one or not. Have a family member or even her elderly care providers available to go with her so that your loved one can get the most out of her new yoga class.

Eventually Increase the Type and Degree of Activity

As your loved one becomes more and more flexible, she’ll find that it’s easier to do the stretches that she started out doing. When that happens, she can start adding new activities, new stretches, and even a greater duration when she exercises. Always work with her doctor to determine that increasing any type or duration of exercise is alright for your loved one.

It’s a great idea to stretch with your loved one. You need to be as flexible as possible in order to stay healthy, too.

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