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Movie Theater Day

Senior Care in Stuart FL

Going on outings and enjoying activities together is a fantastic way to enhance your senior care journey with your elderly parent. These activities stimulate his mind, trigger memories, and keep Senior-Care-in-Stuart-FLhim as active as possible, boosting his overall quality of life. April 23 is Movie Theater Day. This is a great opportunity for you to change up your usual routine and head out for an activity that will improve his mental and emotional health, strengthen your relationship, and create lasting memories.

As with anything in your senior care journey, it is important that you take the time to carefully plan out your visit to the movie theater. This ensures that everyone involved can enjoy the movie while also staying safe, healthy, and comfortable. This little bit of preparation ahead of time and using a few tips and tricks during the movie can make for a memorable experience that you will all treasure.


Use these tips to help you plan for and enjoy a trip to the movies with your aging parent on Movie Theater Day:

  • Talk about the movie. Select the movie that you want to see before you go. Consider going online and watching videos of trailers for the movies that are available so that you can choose one that everyone will enjoy. If your parent has difficulty making decisions, deals with cognitive limitations, or you are making this a multigenerational experience with your children, consider limiting the options. Select two or three movies ahead of time and then let your parent choose from those options.
  • Choose an early movie. Select a showing time that is earlier in the day, such as a morning show or a matinee. This will let you take advantage of the lower crowds that come to these movies and will likely be during a time when your parent is at his most energetic and focused.
  • Eat before you go. Part of the fun of going to a movie is indulging in the fun movie snacks available at the theater. If you go on an empty stomach, however, it is easy to go overboard with these sugary, fattening treats. Instead, eat a meal or a nutrient-packed snack before you go. This will stave off the hunger pangs and let you choose just one or two treats to share.
  • Be careful with popcorn. Popcorn may be a traditional movie theater snack, but if you are heading to the cinema with an elderly adult who has chewing or swallowing problems, it is best to skip it. Popcorn can pose a serious choking hazard because of its strange shape and light weight. If not chewed and swallowed properly it can get caught in the throat and be very difficult to remove. If this does happen, encourage your parent to drink large sips of fluids or to eat something with more weight that will help push the food down.
  • Think comfort. Movie theaters are not known for having the best climate control. Make sure that you bring along comfort measures such as sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, or even a small blanket to ensure that everyone stays comfortable while watching the movie.

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