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Best Hotel Features for Traveling with a Senior

Senior Care While Traveling

Simply because your parent is getting older does not mean that they are not able to enjoy the fun and excitement of going on a summer vacation. Even elderly adults who are dealing with Senior-Care-in-Tequesta-FLchallenges and limitations can still gain the benefits of traveling along with you or with the help of a senior care provider. When planning your parent’s vacation one of the most important considerations you must make is where they will stay. Choosing the right hotel for your elderly loved one can make a tremendous difference in their ability to enjoy their vacation while staying safe, healthy, and comfortable whether it is a short trip or an extended adventure.


Some of the features that you should consider when choosing a hotel for your elderly parent when traveling this summer include:

  • Ground floor rooms. Mobility issues are common among elderly adults. If your parent copes with any form of stiffness, pain, balance problems, or other issues, they may struggle to get to a room that is on a high floor of the hotel. Specifically request a room on the ground floor of the hotel to make it easy and comfortable for your parent to get to their room.
  • Adjoined rooms. If you are traveling with your parent, consider adjoining rooms. These feature a door between the rooms that can be opened, creating essentially one large room so that you can easily get to your loved one and offer the care or assistance that they need. The door can also be closed to provide additional privacy for everyone in both rooms. This type of arrangement is especially beneficial if your parent is traveling with a senior care services provider.
  • Accessible rooms. If your parent is dealing with particular challenges, an accessible room can be extremely beneficial. These rooms are designed with walk-in showers rather than tubs, grab bars and handrails, and a more open and accessible floorplan. This enables your parent to move more easily and safely through the room, and helps to keep care routines and activities consistent. If your parent has any specific limitations such as hearing loss, be sure to check for hotels that accommodate these. Most have rooms specifically designed with features that help with these limitations, such as flashing lights to announce a person at the door.
  • Breakfast. This may seem like a minor detail that is more about saving money on your vacation than anything else, but when you are planning a vacation for a senior, this simple inclusion can mean so much more. Having breakfast included in your parent’s hotel stay is one more thing that you do not have to worry about when it comes to scheduling their day. You, your parent, and anyone else who is traveling with you can eat at your leisure while others are getting ready. This means that your parent will not be rushed when getting ready in the morning and will still be able to eat a breakfast that will get them ready for the day ahead. If your parent needs you to, you can also usually bring breakfast up to the room so that they can eat comfortably and at the pace that is right for them.


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